Last developments

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The beginning, the mediatic boom of Petroldragon, plans for the future:


The beginning

Andrea Rossi graduated in 1973 at the University of Milan, with an MA dissertation in Philosophy on the correlation between Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology.

Fuel from waste – The birth of Petroldragon

Turning an intuition into a practical and suitable procedure.

The boom of Refluopetrolio on media

Television and newspapers begin covering Petroldragon's products. The U.S. Government discloses its interest in the new technology.

The qualitative leap and the acquisition of Omar refinery

Omar Refinery, originally a lubricant oil refinery, appears to be ideally suited for processing Petroldragon products.

Petroldragon: associate companies

To ensure a continuous supply of raw materials, i.e. waste, Petroldragon set up a complex network, and signed contracts with major Italian companies producing large amounts of those kinds of waste which were best suited to the transformation processes designed by Andrea Rossi.

Plans for the future

Andrea Rossi investigates the possibility of running automobiles and other means of transportation with his reprocessed waste products.

The u-turn

Without any warning or explanation, all secondary materials like the ones obtained and processed by Petroldragon for its activities acquire “toxic waste” status.

An annoying invention

Petroldragon's operations, previously regularly checked and assessed for taxes by the Italian Government, were suddenly declared illegal.

The persecution

All of a sudden, Italian law prescribes that the materials used by Petroldragon for the production of fuel oil from secondary materials are to be considered waste.

The capitulation – End of a dream

Financial Tragedy Overwhelms Rossi’s Group.

The rebirth

In December 1996, a penniless Andrea Rossi emigrated to the U.S.A., and was employed by a company specialized in systems that derive energy from biomass, the Bio Development Corporation, of Bedford, NH.