An annoying invention

At the time of the unexpected “legislative about-face” of the Italian Government, by which an activity, previously regulated and assessed for tax revenue by the Government, was suddenly declared illegal, a strange coincidence came about: the Omar and Petroldragon plants found themselves facing a powerful political and social alliance which began to single out Andrea Rossi as an environmental polluter and income tax evader.

Citizens’ associations rose up against the Rossi the Polluter. This was the beginning of a smear campaign which would destroy him, his companies, and all the work which had been carried out up to that moment.

With hindsight, one cannot fail to notice the coincidence in historical dates between the war against Andrea Rossi, now a major player in petroleum products thanks to his research and activities with Omar and Petroldragon, and the decision on the part of Camorra organized crime to establish itself firmly in the waste management business, and achieve a monopoly on waste disposal. As it turned out, the Camorra’s “waste management” amounted to burying trash underground in Campania, heavily polluting groundwater and agricultural soil.

For this manner of operation on the part of the Camorra groups, and the relevant timeline, one may refer today to the texts and the writings of recent writers who have been able to establish new truths and disclose cover-ups and mysteries of the past.

Thus, on the one hand, the waste which was meant to be processed by Petroldragon and Omar, and processed into valuable fuel oil, became raw material for unscrupulous speculators in waste disposal. At the same time, Andrea Rossi’s continuing operations would have meant many a lost earning: for this reason, he was targeted as a significant enemy on the part those parties whose aim was to be the only players on Northern Italy’s waste management scene.