The qualitative leap and the acquisition of Omar refinery

From the very start, Rossi’s invention allowed the transformation of organic waste into oil, which was subsequently sold to companies specialized in refining, in order to make commonly used products such as fuel oils and solvents. Thus, refineries were Petroldragon’s typical client.

In 1990, Rossi, realizing the importance of his invention – as well as how its possible applications, once widely distributed, might gain world-wide recognition – decided to work directly on the manufacture of the end product; thus, with a financial investment of over 4 billion Lire, and consistent financial obligations to various banks, he bought Omar Refinery.

Omar was ideally suited for the treatment of Petroldragon products, as it had originally been a refinery specialized in lubricating oils. It had a very expensive vacuum distillation column entirely made of stainless steel, an instrument of capital importance for processing the product .

By transforming oil coming from Petroldragon, Omar soon became an independent producer of finished products, such as fuel, oil and solvents, which had previously been manufactured by other companies.