Petroldragon: associate companies

To ensure a continuous supply of essential raw material (waste), Petroldragon set up a complex network, and signed contracts with major Italian companies normally producing large amounts of those kinds of waste best suited, by type and quality, to the transformation processes designed by Andrea Rossi.

Waste was collected essentially made from industrial organic materials, such as plastic, rubber, discarded solvents, food products, etc.

Among Petroldragon’s numerous customers were Unicem, Cementificio di Merone, Lombardi Solventi (a manufacturer of solvents), Cartiera di Sora (a paper mill), etc. These companies used Petroldragon’s product, refined by Omar, as fuel, or as raw material for the production of solvents.

Petroldragon’s prices for its products were 30% lower than that of similar, fossil-fuel derived products on the market.

Petroldragon’s work was constantly supported by advice from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, with which Petroldragon signed a research contract.

Paolo Centola, full professor of Chemical Plants, was in charge of this joint effort from the Polytechnic side.