The boom of Refluopetrolio on media

Television and newspapers begin covering Petroldragon’s products. The U.S. Government discloses its interest in the new technology.

News about the product quickly reached the media, which praised its potential right from the beginning.

On television, the National news, namely TG1 [Telegiornale 1], talked about it; on paper, it got written up by the Corriere della SeraLa RepubblicaIl Sole 24 OreIl GiornoIl Giornale, and almost all the local newspapers, as well as by magazines such as L’Espresso,PanoramaOggiGente, and others. News of the Andrea Rossi procedure were reported by nearly all the major Italian newspapers.

Soon, the product manufactured by Petroldragon comes to be known as Refluopetrolio.

The news quickly spread overseas; U.S. President Jimmy Carter expressed interest in the technology, and soon thereafter offered Andrea Rossi a permanent entry visa to the United States, in the hopes of convincing him to move to the United States to further develop his work. The invitation to come to the U.S. was accepted, but only for a few weeks’ stay in Washington DC, as Andrea Rossi was still convinced he could advance his invention in his mother country.

In 1983 Andrea Rossi, whose success was by now well established, was looking at further developments of his idea; after ten months’ work, and a financial investment of half a billion Lire, he set up a facility that produced twenty tons a day of fuel oil, transforming one hundred tons of organic waste.